Sweet Candy Carousel

This special carousel comes from a happy place, rekindling the joy of childhood and filled with the fragrance of love, let it take you to a sweet paradise!

Marvelous Flower Carpet

The sumptuous Marvelous Flower Carpet covers an area 16,000sqm and at three layers tall, is the world’s largest flower totem of circular and geometric patterns. It wishes all guests a happy and auspicious life.

Petting Zoo

Where do our exotic pets live? They happily live inside the colorful houses of the Petting Zoo. Enjoy your time and don’t forget to take pictures with your favorite pet friends!

Rose Garden

As you take a walk through the curved white-graveled path, and pass through the rose arches, maybe you will catch a glimpse of the Queen of the Fairy Kingdom as she sows rose seeds, irrigates them with magic water, wishing to bring happiness to the earth. The Rose Garden evokes the Chinese saying “I grasped your hand; together with you I was to grow old”, as visitors recall the most beautiful moments of love. 

Sky Bridge

Floating high in the air, the Sky Bridge, painted in Chinese red, is one of the highest platforms in the park and offers many unique viewpoints. Walking on the bridge, you can overlook the grand Yangzhou Wan Fu Bridge and the Marvelous Flower Carpet (miracle tapestry of flowers).

Tranquility Garden

This is the most beautiful Chinese garden that Marco Polo encountered in the East. A beautiful pavilion made of green bamboo floats majestically upon the water. Oriental culture is subtly represented by the winding stream with flowers dotted across its banks, and surrounding paths feature intricately-carved water channels. An artistic ocean of flowers and Chinese garden design are perfectly combined through elements such as “Listening Zen Hall”, “Leisure Pavilion”, “Inkwell Lake”, and “Ripple Corridor”, in which each guest can experience “quietness in noise” and connect with Oriental culture.

Secluded Garden

This Zen garden extends alongside the waterway just like the Chinese mythical “Peach Blossom Garden”. Zen philosophy and sensibilities are represented in in an authentic Oriental style through the rockwork and waterfall, flowers and grass, the fan-shaped red bridge and the “Waterfall Listening” Pavilion.

Oriental Jing Building

Nestled within a bamboo grove, weary walkers can take a well-earned rest here. Marco Polo and his friends followed the Chinese zither music towards the Oriental Jing Building, surrounded by white walls, grey tiles and green bamboo. Friendly locals invited them to take a rest here, offering tea and snacks to help brush off their tiredness. Marco Polo was marveled by the Chinese hospitality and delicious refreshments.

Magic Fountain

No matter how many wishes you have, as long as you are devout, the Magic Fountain is here to help them come true. Bring your beloved ones to make a wish here together.

Fairies’ Candy Home

This is the world of all things sweet, where you can find all kinds of dreamy candy, delicious waffles and refreshing ice cream to satisfy any sweet tooth. Amongst the fun, sweetness and happiness on offer here, you can also come to enjoy arts and crafts activities with the floral spirits!

Cave of the Winds

Like a colorful tunnel of time travel, the dazzling lights and fantastic effects will transport you through time from the Middle East to the Fairy Kingdom.

Battle Scenes in the Desert

During his travel through the desert, Marco Polo and his fellow travelers encountered a ferocious fire-breathing dragon underneath a giant baobab tree. Fortunately, they were rescued by a Persian knight on horseback wielding a mighty sword, so their magical journey could continue.

Glaze Palace

The Glaze Palace is a landmark of the Persian Garden. Its colorful mosaic walls, curved arches, and cross-shaped atrium reflect the exotic style of the Middle East. From here, you can enjoy a special view of barren desert alongside thriving greenery, and sample unique Middle Eastern cuisine.

Mermaid Sea Pool

This refreshing oasis is a paradise for people who love water, with a variety of exciting aquatic equipment for children to explore and play with. Combined with joyful music and a gentle breeze, the Mermaid Sea Pool will help you stay relaxed and cool during your long adventure during, especially during hot summer months.

The Brave Ship

Marco Polo and Dora set sail from the port of Venice. After Marco Polo experienced the wonderful scenery of the Mediterranean, their ship, the Brave, was attacked by a pirate fleet in the Black Sea and was stranded beside the Mermaid Sea Pool, where it still bravely stands in the white sand. Come and visit the Brave Ship and help defend it alongside Marco Polo and Dora!

“Son of the Sea” Flower Dune

The Son of the Sea transformed into a whale and rescued Marco Polo and Dora from a watery danger. The dune overflows with flowers, blessing every adventurer seeking to explore the undersea world.

Mystical World Playground

Winding vines, magical tree houses and rope climbing equipment make this a truly three-dimensional play area. Conquer this adventure and become a real jungle hero!

Toot Fish Field

Toot Fish is a friend of the Son of the Sea and you may not be able to completely see him as you walk around the flower field. However, try climbing to a higher vantage point and you should be able to make out his distinctive shape! Don’t forget to get a picture with this friend of the sea!

Fantasy Tower

This is the tallest landmark in the entire park, offering wonderful panoramic views across the park. The tower design combines a European Renaissance style with Gaudi’s fantasy. After taking in the wonderful views, you can enjoy a delicious meal here and relax amongst the ocean of flowers.

Drop Flower Dune

Shaped like a water droplet, this colorful dune looks like a hill adorned with a beautiful flower dress. Perhaps the dune came from a magical dew drop that was accidently left behind by a floral fairy while flying high above the ocean of flowers?

Church of Flowers

A Gothic-style church blanketed with an array of brilliant flowers, where lovers may come and pray for blessings from the Floral deities.

Wonderful Town

Come and enjoy Marco Polo’s hometown where you will find the “Wonder Town Playground”, hosting one of the largest outdoor naughty forts in China. Even more exciting games and entertainment, such as karting and carnival games, make it a real children’s paradise!

Fragrant Flower Field of Grasse

Grasse, France, is not only the world capital of perfume, but also a paradise of fragrant flowers. The Fragrant Flower Field of Grasse is one of the best photography spots in the park and resembles a rainbow splashed across the earth in a magnificent array of color.

Rainbow Flower Dune

The Rainbow Flower Dune comes from a unique Dutch design and is the world’s first floral viewing hill. The splendid flowers are reminiscent of a beautiful world at the end of a rainbow. This is one of the most scenic spots in the park and those who make it to the top, will be rewarded with a ultimate experience of the flowers ocean.

The Lake of Life

The famous Italian lake was the starting point for Marco Polo as he left his hometown to travel East. The lake is fed by fresh river water and is surrounded by ornate vines. Elegant gondolas float on the rippling water, which sparkles in the sunlight, and wait to hear stories from Marco Polo’s legend.

Flower Sculptures of Wenchang Pavilion

Wenchang Pavilion, the landmark of Yangzhou, appears even more beautiful when adorned with bright flowers and lush plants. The pavilion left such a deep impression on Marco Polo and his friends, that they were unwilling to leave it behind as they continued on their journey.